What do you think of Hello Kitty?

As part of my research I want to find out what people think of Hello Kitty and if they associate anything with Hello Kitty.

When I first started my research for my dissertation I didn’t really know how many different views and opinions I would find when researching how Hello Kitty is perceived, to me she was just a motif, a logo. A logo that I liked, thought was cute, but not childish. I knew Hello Kitty merchandise spanned a wide age range from babies to adults, yet the image seemed to be able to adopt the different age ranges through the different styles of merchandise.

I want to find out what you think of hello kitty:

  • Whether you like or don’t like the brand?
  • What comes to mind when you see or hear Hello Kitty?
  • Do you think she is a symbol of repression?
  • Do you think her fans are childish or cute?

If you could leave your comments below or email me at HelloKittyDevotee@gmail.com I’d be really grateful


About joulesw1811

Award winning Chocolatier by day; I run my own Chocolate Boutique and Traditional Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury. While studying at University in Salford I wrote a dissertation on Hello Kitty, which enabled me to embrace a passion for the Japanese culture and Hello Kitty. It’s one of my ambitions to someday turn my dissertation into a PHD and take my research to the next level. I love travelling, spending time with friends and food
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3 Responses to What do you think of Hello Kitty?

  1. Hannah says:

    I’d be really interested to read your dissertation.

    I don’t like Hello Kitty, at all, especially not the way the brand is pushed on clothing and accessories aimed at young girls.

    I may be wrong in my view, but in my mind the brand is associated with knowingly sexualised young Japanese women working the whole ‘schoolgirl’ look … so to me having the logo on young children’s clothing and accessories is a bit like having the playboy logo on them. I have never been to Japan so I don’t know how it is actually perceived there.

    • joulesw1811 says:

      Thanks for your comments, my dissertation in a rough form is available to read on this blog (it’s quite long). Your correct regarding how the brand is associated and as part of my research I want to look further into how the associations seem to be quite different in the Western World. I think some of the associations are starting to merge.

  2. Emiloush says:

    I have loved Hello Kitty my entire life. It always brings a smile to my face and reminds me that there is nothing wrong with being a kid again. I also love that it is something that brings people together. I cannot count how many friends I have made and conversation started just because I have a hello kitty accessory with me.

    Basically anytime I see something Hello Kitty I get a big smile on my face and my day brightens.

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