Over the years I have collected some classic Hello Kitty merchandise as well as some quite bizarre items. As my blog develops I thought it might be fun if I posted pictures/videos of some of my collection…

Below is a Hello Kitty Sushi toy (Kaitensushi), which I was given back in 2005/2006 from friends I worked with. Purchased if I remember correctly off ebay. Hello Kitty sits in the middle while little plates of Sushi move around her.

Chef Kitty

As you’ll see from the video the toy is quite loud, and quite strange, but it’s also totally what you’d expect from Sanrio and Hello Kitty


About joulesw1811

Award winning Chocolatier by day; I run my own Chocolate Boutique and Traditional Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury. While studying at University in Salford I wrote a dissertation on Hello Kitty, which enabled me to embrace a passion for the Japanese culture and Hello Kitty. It’s one of my ambitions to someday turn my dissertation into a PHD and take my research to the next level. I love travelling, spending time with friends and food
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