Developing my blog

This week I’ve been trying to improve the hits to my blog, since starting my blog in March I have consistently gained more visitors to my website. May was my best month and although June has only just started I can see the levels of hits increasing my the day.

I’m really happy this is happening and I’m starting to notice certain keywords and tags are being searched for.  I am continually trying to develop my blog to hopefully get more interaction from people.

Primarily my blog is an area for me to talk about my PhD journey and what I am doing to build up research; I also post news articles, information about Japanese culture, definitions and posts about the weird and wonderful products available from Sanrio.

In some ways the different posts probably do clash, so over time I hope to improve how my blog reads and looks.

I have also decided to start a links page, in the hope that I can build up some relationships with different bloggers and communities. In turn I hope this will help me further my research when I start to publish polls and questionnaires. People’s views and opinions are so important to my studies, everyone perceives brands and cultures differently depending on their beliefs and experiences. I have already received emails from people who are interested in contributing to my research, and over time I may invite people of interest
to write about their experiences and views as a guest blogger 🙂

I will also be starting a page dedicated to events I think people might be interested in, such as the MCM Expo held in Manchester and London and the Japanese Festival in Brighton. I hope to visit several of these events, firstly to see what goes on and who attends and then again to gather research by speaking to attendees.

If you are interested in Hello Kitty, Japan, Cosplay, Manga, Anime etc and feel your website is relevant to my blog and would like to share links please contact me a

Events- please contact me with event details (Dates, times, Locations, Contact details, Info) and I will pop them on my events page.


About joulesw1811

Award winning Chocolatier by day; I run my own Chocolate Boutique and Traditional Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury. While studying at University in Salford I wrote a dissertation on Hello Kitty, which enabled me to embrace a passion for the Japanese culture and Hello Kitty. It’s one of my ambitions to someday turn my dissertation into a PHD and take my research to the next level. I love travelling, spending time with friends and food
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