Moving Forward :)

I can’t believe September is nearly over! This year has gone
very quickly and over the summer I have been very busy exhibiting at various
events and working in my shop. I also spent the summer as some of you will know
attempting to write my PhD proposal, which actually turned out harder to do
than I expected.

After leaving University in 2006 I haven’t really had to
write anything particularly academic, in fact I think my writing style has
changed quite a lot. I’m now more used to writing quite quick punchy press releases
and mini presentations. I’ve also released how poor my punctuation and grammar
has become, which is something I’m really going to have to work on and regain
my once acceptable level of grammar & punctuation. I’ve never been

Anyway, I went to France a few weeks ago for a week, I was
lucky enough to stay in a friend’s family home. I can’t describe how beautiful
the whole holiday was the location was stunning and I had lots of fun. I took
my laptop and notes with me, and managed to get some writing done. When I
returned I finally finished my third attempt at my proposal, and sent it to my
tutor. I must admit I was starting to get quite disheartened by the whole
affair. I desperately want to further my research because I really enjoyed my
dissertation. I’ve also realised over the last few years that I feel like my
brain is turning to mush. I went through full time education from the age of 4
till I was 22, certainly in my later years of education  I absolutely loved feeding my mind with information. As much as I needed the break after University the last few years I have really felt that I’m not gaining any particular knowledge about from
what I learn and experience in my daily working life.

This Tuesday I was offered a place at the University of Salford to do an M.Phil (in normal human being speak a Masters of Philosophy, which is a postgraduate research degree. Hopefully if this goes well I should be able to transfer my research into a PhD. Since finding out the good news I’ve had to prepare a personal statement for my application form. I really hate personal statements; I never know what to say! I don’t want to come across asnot interesting, but I certainly don’t want to go on about how amazing I might…firstly because I’m a normal person who isn’t amazing, and also because I don’t want to sound like some plank of the x-factor. Anyway, I have a friend
looking at my personal statement today, so hopefully I will have emailed my
application off by tomorrow…and then I start my course in October…yes October
which is 1 day away!

Once I’ve found out what my timetable will be like I’ll let you know how Uni life is after all these years. Recently the School of Media, Music and Performance has moved to Media City, so I’m quite excited at the prospect of being in a new environment.


About joulesw1811

Award winning Chocolatier by day; I run my own Chocolate Boutique and Traditional Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury. While studying at University in Salford I wrote a dissertation on Hello Kitty, which enabled me to embrace a passion for the Japanese culture and Hello Kitty. It’s one of my ambitions to someday turn my dissertation into a PHD and take my research to the next level. I love travelling, spending time with friends and food
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