About Moi……

Hello my name is Julia and I’m a Hello Kitty devotee, Twitter obsessive, Boyzone fan and award winning Chocolatier 😀

Check out my first ever blog post to find out why I’ve started this blog…and here’s a little info about me.

Born and bred in Shropshire I skipped off to Manchester one day in search of a career in the media, lots of shopping and to live the city life. The career went out the window when I started a part time job at Godiva and then went on to work for Selfridges in their Foodhall. I now own Toot Sweets Confectionery making and selling award winning chocolates, delicious cupcakes and selling a wide range of retro confectionery. I’m passionate about supporting local food producers, businesses and anyone with a crafty bone in their body.

I love travelling and want to spend as much time as possible travelling the world, experience different cultures and meeting new people…and trying lots of delicious food.

I’m also a fan of Hello Kitty, and after unearthing lots of amazing views and opinions about Hello Kitty as part of my degree ( at Salford University) I want to carry on my research, expanding on many new areas and hopefully start a PhD.

My blog will be a mixture of quick updates regarding my PhD and research, fun pieces of info I’ve found online or in newspapers, definitions and info on things like Japanese Street style, questions and quirky posts about the weird and wonderful world of Hello Kitty.


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