What do people think…..?

So I’m about to start my first lecture next week after not attending uni since 2006. I’m really looking forward to it and developing the ideas and views I have.

I’m especially excited as I keep seeing lots of Hello Kitty products or meeting lots of interesting people who  either back up some of my idea’s or make me questions my research and how I can develop it.

As I have mentioned before it’s really important to me and my research to meet and experience new people and their ideas. I would also love to publish some quest blogs on this blog.  I want people to tell me why they love or hate Hello Kitty. Maybe they have experiences to back up their views or maybe it’s the whole nature of the consumption of the brand. I also want to speak to people who live in the West but consume the Fashions and Music of the East; what
is it that fascinates them about Japan and Asia as a whole?

I’ve been building up a following on twitter recently which is really helping and look forward to being able to write more about my research and fully tell you my aims over the coming months.


About joulesw1811

Award winning Chocolatier by day; I run my own Chocolate Boutique and Traditional Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury. While studying at University in Salford I wrote a dissertation on Hello Kitty, which enabled me to embrace a passion for the Japanese culture and Hello Kitty. It’s one of my ambitions to someday turn my dissertation into a PHD and take my research to the next level. I love travelling, spending time with friends and food
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